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Organic California White Sage Smudge Bundles Sticks 3 Pack, 4" each

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White Sage is an herb considered as blessed, sacred, cleansing, and purifying plant. It is held sacred and used by Native American tribes since time immemorial. White sage has a refreshing fragrance in which its smoke helps purify a space and chase out negative energy.

How to Use: Light the tip of the smudge stick and gently wave until it begins to smolder and release scent. Blow out the flame and place the smudge on a fireproof plate, bowl, or shell to catch ash. After use, extinguish with water or sand.

These hand-tied smudge sticks are made from organically grown California White Sage, it's a pack of 3 and each bundle is 4"-5" long and over 1" thick.