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Beautiful Leather-bound Journals


These beautiful journals, imported from India, are made from leather that is hand-cut and crafted using traditional methods by many artisans…leather cutters, paper-makers, binders and decorative artists. The exquisite, natural white paper is made from 100% recycled cotton. As real leather can have flaws like discolouration and wrinkles…every piece is unique. All of the stones used are semi-precious, such as Jasper, Labradorite, Tiger Eye, and Lapus Lazuli. Rebinding kits are available, so you can remove used pages, and re-use the cover.

Available styles, as shown above, are Tooled Design with Stone, Plain with Stone, and Tooled Design without Stone

One of these journals makes a distinctive gift that will will be treasured by its lucky recipient. ¬†Or, go ahead…get one for yourself!

5″ x 9″, 210 pages (approx), $48.00

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