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Beautiful Leather-bound Journals

These beautiful journals, imported from India, are made from leather that is hand-cut and crafted using traditional methods by many artisans…leather cutters, paper-makers, binders and decorative artists. The exquisite, natural white paper is made from 100% recycled cotton. As real leather can have flaws like discolouration and wrinkles…every piece is unique. All of the stones […]

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Paper Lanterns for Instant Atmosphere

Light up your life with the warm, soft glow of these hand-made paper lanterns! With whimsical to elegant graphics ranging from antique to retro to contemporary, there is something here for everyone….for any (or every) room in any home.  Super sweet and super stylish! Also available are power cord kits…just insert a lightbulb, drop it […]

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For Serious Jigsaw Puzzle Fans

Along the River During the Qingming Festival is a panoramic painting by Chinese artist Zhang Zeduan (1085–1145). Capturing the daily life of his time, it shows all levels of society from rich to poor, as well as different economic activities in rural areas and in the city. The countryside and the densely populated city are the two […]

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