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Ten Virtues of Incense

Brought to Japan in the eighth century by Buddhist monks, who used the mystical aromas in their religious ceremonies, “Koh,” as incense is called in Japanese, passed into the realm of the aristocracy centuries later as a source of amusement and enlightenment. Now, incense has become acceptable and desirable as a new dimension in gracious living.

Here is a thoughtful list of ten virtues of incense that were believed to have been written by an anonymous Zen monk of the sixth century:

  1. Incense brings communication and the transcendent.
  2. It purifies mind and body.
  3. It removes uncleanliness.
  4. It brings alertness.
  5. It is a companion to solitude.
  6. In the midst of activity, it brings a moment of peace.
  7. When there is plenty, one never tires of it.
  8. When there is little, still one is satisfied.
  9. Age does not change its efficacy.
  10. Used every day, it does no harm.

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