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Buckwheat Hull Pillows

Buckwheat Hull Pillows

What makes Buckwheat Hull Pillows so special?

Buckwheat hull pillows provide the most anatomically correct support for your head and neck, more than any other pillow option available. Doctors, chiropractors and other health care professionals regularly recommend buckwheat hull pillows to patients for relief of shoulder, neck and back pain, migraines, muscle tension, snoring, sleeplessness, and cervical and lumbar sublaxation.

Buckwheat is actually a fruit related to the rhubarb family, so there’s no worry about wheat allergens (or dust allergens, or bedbugs, either. It’s been proven!) And our buckwheat is grown with no added chemicals or ingredients. Traditional pillows may include petroleum, formaldehyde, UV inhibitors, antifungals, plasticizers, and other chemicals.

Perfect Fit

Buckwheat hull pillows conform to the head and neck for maximum support. Simply fluff up the pillow, then burrow your head in, leaving your shoulders on the bed and your neck supported until the pillow “fits”. While a new pillow of any kind can take a week or so to adjust to, once adjusted to buckwheat hull pillows our clients almost never return to an ordinary pillow again.

Care of your buckwheat hull pillow

Buckwheat hull pillows should be placed in direct sunlight every few months for a few hours. This sanitizes and deodorizes your natural-product pillow. For safety reasons, heat should not be applied to buckwheat hulls, and buckwheat hull pillows should not be given to young children.

The buckwheat hulls in our pillows is grown pesticide-free. Fabrics used is 100% bamboo. Workmanship is guaranteed for one full year, but the pillow should last about 7-10 years.

Available sizes:
Standard Sleep Pillow: $64.00
Lumbar support/travel size: $22.00 Free with purchase of two standard sized pillows